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Quality Policy
Issue Date : 04-01-2019
Environmental, Health and Safety Policy
Issue Date : 09-07-2013

Certification of Accreditation
SAMM No. : 505
Accredited Since :22 March 2011
SAMM No. : 505

Issue Date : 18-11-2021
Valid Until : 22-03-2023


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Compressive Strength on Cement / Grout Specimen
Unconfined Compressive Strength Test on Intact Rock Core
Secant Modulus of Elasticity in Compression with 2 units of LVDT
Water Penetration Test
Rapid Chloride Penetration Test (RCPT)
Flexural Strength Test on Precast Concrete Panel
Tensile Test on Welded Fabric/ Steel Wire With Extensometer
Bend & Rebend Test on Steel Bars
Tensile Test on Holding-Down Bolt
Tensile Test on Coupled Bar
Tensile Test on Steel Plate, I-Beam, Hollow Pipe & C-Channel Sections
Compaction Test Using Vibrating Hammer
Weld Shear Test on Steel Fabric
Soaked CBR Test
Point Load Index on Rock
Compaction Test Using 2.5kg / 4.5kg Rammer
Particle Size Distribution by Hydrometer Analysis
Loss On Ignition Test
Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Test
Sand Angularity Test
Concrete Slump Test
Concrete Trial Mix
Methylene Blue Value Test
Particle Size Distribution by Sieve Analysis
Elongation Index of Aggregate
Aggregate Crushing Value / 10% Fines Value Test
Aggregate impact Value Test
Flakiness Index of Aggregate
Los Angeles Abrasion Test on Aggregate
Setting Times of Cement
Determination of Bulk Density of Bituminous Core
Moulding of Prisms for Flexural / Compressive Strength Test
Flow Test on Cement Mortar
Sample Preparation for Marshall Test
Polished Stone Value Test
Linear Density of Rope
Chemical Immersion Test

Compressive Strength Test on Concrete Core
Compressive Strength Test on Concrete Cube
Initial Surface Absorption Test
Water Absorption Test on Concrete Cores
Carbonation Depth Measurement on Concrete Cores
Tensile Splitting Test on Block
UPV Test on Concrete Core
Chemical Analysis Using Spectroquant Prove 100, pH Meter, Titration, Redox Potential Probe
Tensile Test on Steel Bars
Atterberg's Limits
One Dimensional Consolidation Test
Casting of Concrete Cubes for Compressive Strength Test
Particle Density and Water Absorption Test on Aggregate
Compaction of Marshall Specimen
Marshall Stability Test

Laboratory Testing

Flexural Strength on Cement/ Grout Specimen

Compressive Strength Test on Masonry Units